How to eFile Income tax Return for Salaried Persons and Professionals

How to eFile Income tax Return for Salaried Persons and Professionals.

How Efile income tax returns and paid for Professionals
Online income tax return filing provides a simple and convenient return filing / online return filing experience. We provide tax advice comeback Online application -

Pay by individuals,
Unpaid Individuals who are self-employed as free of external collaborators, consultants, sole proprietorship businesses.

Advantages of filing a tax return with us:
- Hassle-free return filing, just upload form 16 payment and relax, we will do all the calculations and cumbersome file ITR forms for you.
- Personal attention to each guest and return an Certified Accountants
How to file a tax return with us
Step 1) Make a payment of Rs 300 only
Step 2) E-mail your details
Personal information required for filing tax returns are:

your name
Your father's name
your address
Bank-Bank number, bank name, IFSC Code

Documents required for filing tax returns

Form 16 / or salary certificate and details of other income, if any.
Investment Data / HRA details are included in the form of the 16th
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